The Ferrari ownership experience is about much more than enjoying the incredible performance potential and cutting-edge technology of the renowned brand’s diverse product range. The ownership of a Ferrari presents a unique relationship of trust that bonds Ferrari customers to the brand, providing them with ultimate peace of mind that their valuable vehicles will be taken care of by the most qualified professionals, at the most advanced state-of-the-art facilities. 

From the moment a luxury sports car from the Prancing Horse first leaves the showroom, the proud new owner can be confident that their prized possession will age gracefully. With the exception of limited-edition models, every new Ferrari comes with an exclusive seven-year free maintenance contract, in addition to the standard three-year contractual warranty. The Genuine Maintenance service ensures that each car is maintained to the highest standards to meet the company’s strict requirements for safety, performance and reliability. 

The Genuine Maintenance programme includes labour, original replacement parts, lubricants, engine oil and brake fluid. The checks are scheduled to take place once a year, or every 20,000km, and are performed by highly qualified technicians who have been extensively trained at the Ferrari Training Centre in Maranello. Nobody knows the unique characteristics of the various Prancing Horse models better than them. 

The first-of-its-kind maintenance package covers each individual vehicle, and thus extends to any subsequent owner during the entire seven-year period, setting an unprecedented standard throughout the industry for customer care. 

The programme covers the scheduled maintenance at standard service intervals (20,000km, or once a year, with no restriction on total kilometres) along with the relevant original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spare parts, engine oil and brake fluid. The advantage to the owner is the assurance that the vehicle will be subject to regular annual inspections by Ferrari-trained personnel using factory-approved, dedicated diagnostic equipment.

Every Ferrari is assigned a dedicated Service Advisor at the local authorized dealership who is tasked with following the status of the car throughout the course of its life. The Service Advisor follows up with the owner on a regular basis to check whether the car is due for service, and acts as the main point of contact for the Ferrarista in case any technical issues are encountered. 

Once the car arrives at the Ferrari service centre, the customer is welcomed by the dealership’s staff and supported by the Service Advisor, who fills out the car’s Job Card. The external check is then conducted ahead of the more extensive 360 check which happens once the car is positioned on the lift in the garage. All the details related to every Ferrari are registered on a continuous basis in the Modis Aftersales System, providing the Ferrari Service Advisors with detailed insights into each and every model.

Whilst the car is at the service centre, any additional required fixes covered under the warranty are carried out directly at the centre whilst keeping the owner fully informed of any developments. When an additional cost is required, the Service Advisor personally contacts the customer to secure approval for the job before proceeding. Following the completion of the servicing procedure, the customer is called to collect the car and another follow-up call takes place one week after to receive the customer’s feedback.

All Ferrari owners therefore feel entirely assured and safe in the knowledge that their precious vehicle is being kept in perfect working order, maintaining the highest levels of efficiency, performance and safety as the years pass. This peace of mind can be prolonged with the Extended Warranty programme, protecting the value and functional integrity of their Prancing Horse for up to 15 years, or 90,000km. 

The world of Ferrari has been designed to cater to those who demand and expect nothing but the best, offering excellence and flair to match their car’s adrenaline-pumping performance. Ferrari is committed to delivering an unrivalled ownership experience for its discerning clientele through endless passion and tireless attention to detail during every stage of its Aftersales Service Programme.