The latest addition to Porsche’s ground-breaking, all-electric Taycan range – the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo – has arrived at Porsche Centre Oman!

A car that melds Taycan’s superior performance and long battery life with mild off-road versatility, increased rear headroom, more than 1,200 litres of rear space and all-wheel drive supported by height adjustable air-suspension, the Taycan Cross Turismo is the all-rounder among electric sports cars.

Three versions make up the Cross Turismo range using the 800-volt architecture and two-speed transmission on the rear axle with power coming from the 93.4 kWh Performance Battery Plus as standard. The Taycan 4 Cross Turismo with 280 kW (380 PS), delivers 350 kW (476 PS) in overboost mode for Launch Control and accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 5.1 seconds with a top speed of 220 km/h.

The Taycan 4S Cross Turismo offers an additional 80 kW (110 PS) plus an extra 70 kW (95 PS) with overboost that gives it a 240 km/h top speed and a 0-100 km/h time of 4.1 seconds. The Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo offers 460 kW (625 PS) with a further 40 kW (55 PS) using overboost that brings the acceleration time to 100 km/h down to 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 250 km/h.

The two-deck Performance Battery Plus contains 33 cell modules consisting of 12 individual cells each for 396 in total to operate with a system voltage of 800 volts (voltage range 610 V to 835 V) instead of the 400 V that is usual for most electric cars.

New to the Cross Turismo is Gravel Mode that alters the power delivery and drive characteristics for light off-roading and raises its ride height by 10mm. A centrally networked control system monitors the chassis of the Cross Turismo to analyse and synchronise all the systems in real time. The 4D Chassis Control monitors the adaptive air suspension with three-chamber technology including the PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) electronic damper control system that allows the driver to easily programme the Smartlift system so that the ride height can automatically raise at recurring locations such as speed humps or garage driveways and be stored by pressing the chassis button. The air suspension lowers the Taycan Cross Turismo’s ride height in two stages to minimise its frontal area and reduce its Cd drag coefficiency for optimal range.

The visual appearance of the Taycan Cross Turismo is based closely on the Mission E Cross Turismo concept study that was presented at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. The off-road elements include wheel arch trims, unique lower aprons at the front and rear as well as the side sills. In combination with the Off-Road Design package, the Cross Turismo has special flaps at the corners of the front and rear bumpers and at the ends of the sills which not only provide protection for stone chips but adds to its adventurous look.