KARE’s recent catalogue is perfect for those of you who want give your four walls a vitamin boost with new styles, and turn your home’s interior into more attractive, cosy, and functional spaces …

In recent times a lot has changed in our world. In many cases, the kitchen table has become our home office, and we invite guests to meals in our own dining room rather than at a restaurant. Perhaps we even spend our holidays in the living room, with wellness on the comfortable family sofa included. Today furnishing the home means more than ever before.

KARE wants you to feel good when you walk into your front door. Their new catalogue shows how you can give your four walls a vitamin boost with new styles, and how your interior can become more attractive, cosy, and functional.

And why, in KARE’s eyes, furniture is not something to dispose of lightly, because a sideboard made of real wood represents new, sustainable values. With KARE, you will find favourite pieces that have the makings of a lifelong friendship, not to mention lots of decorating ideas that put the new fun in furnishing.

The KARE team goes the extra mile to inspire you with interior design ideas for a changing world. Explore their stories and unique furnishing ideas now: tables that raise dining to a new level, carpeting treasures for the floor, and everything that a stylish home office requires.

Or perhaps even a cosy sofa which will add a further touch of comfort to your living room.