Faces share the fundamental principles of architecture, in terms of ideal proportions, harmonious lines, and the forces of tension and volume. In a reflection of the golden ratio endlessly sought by the great builders, the youth triangle is the key to a face with harmonious contrast and volume. Using this approach, CHANEL created LE LIFT PRO, a protocol combining skincare products and massages, where nature and science join forces to provide a naturally innovative and high-performance anti-aging solution.

At the heart of this new anti-aging line lies Melipona enzymatic ingredient, a natural ingredient with an astonishing sensorial feel, whose exceptional properties were brought to light by CHANEL, in its open-sky laboratory established in Costa Rica in 2015. Produced in very small quantities by miniscule Melipona bees, this precious elixir that is so remarkable, fluid and silky to the touch, immediately attracted the attention of the CHANEL scientists, who were intuitively convinced of its cosmetic potential. Analyses revealed a unique enzymatic composition, which gives it an unprecedented anti-aging effect. Then, in this location that invites encounters between science and nature, CHANEL took the time to establish a supply chain, encouraging social and environmental innovation, in partnership with Alianza Campesina Flora Nueva, a local social enterprise. The beehives, which are grouped together in meliponario, have been set up in a controlled environment that respects the biological cycle of the Melipona bees. This long-term project is part of a regional strategy of preserving local biodiversity and contributing to the economic development of the producers.

For more than 20 years, CHANEL Research has been conducting studies on women all over the world, compiling a database that contains over 4 million pieces of data and 60,000 faces. This key tool has enabled CHANEL experts to define the characteristics of a young-looking face, based on the “youth triangle,” the area located between the top of the cheekbones and the tip of the chin. It corresponds to high cheekbones, a well-defined face and plump cheeks.