40 years ago, a Sultan’s dream gave birth to a historic perfume. An object that was to encapsulate the subtle essence of an entire nation and tell the world of its richness. The richness of its millennial history; the richness of its humble spirit; the richness of its unlimited hospitality.

40 years ago, a Sultan’s dream gave birth to “the most valuable perfume in the world”.

Guy Robert, one of the most respected perfumers in modern history, wrote its formula. A formula rich in the prodigality of the natural materials used, humble in the use of an olfactory form that referred to the great masterpieces of the past, and limitless in the selection of the rarest qualities of ingredients available in his time.

Upon reaching the autumn of his life, Guy Robert confided that Gold was the crowning achievement of his entire career.

The welding of the past and the future

This year, for the first time in 40 years and as a tribute to the dream that founded it, Amouage transcends time to showcase a piece of its glorious past, the first Amouage crystal bottles ever to exist: Cristal & Gold.

Sparked by the rediscovery of the original moulds in the cellars of the High Cristallerie Waltersperger, the House’s historic master-glassmaker in Normandy, France, this anniversary edition is a reinvention of the House’s iconic jewel in vessels of outstanding beauty.

Two batches of 500 bespoke artifacts of the highest quality crystal with shimmering gold-plated details, made in the original moulds and hand-blown in the workshops of the High Cristallerie Waltersperger, treasure Cristal & Gold Woman and Cristal & Gold Man, reworked by Parisian perfumer Alexandra Carlin.

Combined with Carlin’s technical mastery and artistic acuity, her meticulous search for the rarest and finest qualities of raw materials available to perfumers together deliver a spellbinding reiteration, faithful to the generosity of spirit of Guy Robert and the vision of Omani luxury embodied by His Majesty the late Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.

Craftsmanship unmatched

This exclusive limited-edition treasure becomes a collector’s item on its own, thanks to the extreme rarity and precious nature of the materials, hand-picked for their specific character and exclusivity and the outstanding levels of finesse involved in its realisation to make it a pinnacle of decorative arts.

The intricate craftsmanship and expression of a unique savoir-faire extend far beyond the realms of perfume and crystal bottles. These limited-edition fragrances are presented in bespoke lacquered ecrin wooden cases and meticulously assembled by a masterful Omani artisan at the illustrious Amouage Manufacture in Muscat. Each of these cases is adorned with a delicate dusting of fine gold powder, a subtle homage to the namesakes of these creations and the indelible significance these timeless fragrances hold within the distinguished legacy of Amouage and the broader history of contemporary perfumery, spanning over four decades. 

The release of Cristal & Gold Woman and Cristal & Gold Man is accompanied with the premiere of a short film titled “Cristal & Gold in the Haven of Waltersperger” short movie that features never before seen behind-the-scenes footage from the High Cristallerie of Waltersperger, as perfumer Alexandra Carlin and Renaud Salmon, Amouage Chief Creative Officer, take us on the journey of reawakening an icon that shaped the art of Perfumery.