Amouage, the Oman-based international High Perfumery House, has recently inaugurated its new boutique located at Muscat Duty Free, the travel retailer of Muscat International Airport. Inspired by the unique synergy between Archeology and the Future, the interior of the sensorial and experiential space features ethereal qualities thanks to a spectacular contrast of ancient architecture, heritage, craftsmanship, earthy colours, exclusive materials and modern patterns. Designed by France-based architecture firm Héroïne, Renaud Salmon, Amouage’s Chief Creative Officer and other renowned collaborators, the interior of the Muscat Duty Free boutique offers a unique insight into their vision. Every feature of the space, from the furniture to the materials used, reflects Oman’s rich heritage, its hidden archeological and natural treasures, as well as its stunning vernacular architecture. 


The boutique’s décor pays homage to Arabian heritage sites that were once trade hubs and known for their innovative, imaginative and ingenuine people, which blends harmoniously with the values of the High Perfumery House and its own unique craftsmanship. Throughout the space, the interior is giving nods to a narrative that has been inspired by mysterious, unearthed, and intriguing archeological sites, such as the lost city of Ubar in Oman, also known as the Atlantis of Sands, as well as the ancient cities of Hegra in Saudi Arabia and Petra in Jordan. These heritage sites were important cities along ancient trading routes where Frankincense was once traded. 

The store’s interior also features the finest travertine stone as a tribute to Oman’s ancient architecture, while the shape of the ribbed stone is a reference to its landscape, desert, beaches and sea waves. Materials like copper and gold draw inspiration from the Sultanate’s sunsets and sunrises, while wood is linked to the sacred Frankincense tree, the source of one of Amouage’s key ingredients. The furniture, conceptualised by French Dimitry Hlika, includes a stunning fragrance table as well as iconic steles developed by Abraham Varghese. The overall design of the store has been measured in exacting alignments and features geometrical shapes commonly used in traditional Omani architecture, while it gives a feeling of modern minimalism and opulence at the same time.


The boutique also features an interdisciplinary artistic project created by the Polish artist Cosmodernism and oscillates around experimental audiovisual arts and performance. The artist used a self-developed technique of manipulating ferromagnetic liquid with magnets, combining ferrofluid with various paints, inks, and other liquid ingredients to produce distinctive structures known as ‘Turing Patterns’.


Visitors will not just be walking into a store where they can experience the finest and most unique fragrances in the world, as Amouage’s boutique at Muscat International Airport will take them on a breathtaking visual journey through Oman and ancient times. Over time, the boutique’s architectural work and content will naturally blend into its airport environment as a representative of the continuity of history, while evoking people’s curiosity and creating a redefined shopping experience for millions of travelers visiting Muscat International Airport.