The collection explores a world where anything is possible and rules are made to be broken. This concept is showcased in the collection through an eclectic blend of brocades and Western-inspired jackets, tie motifs, stripes, denim, and terry cloth, all converging in a stylistic non-place that is both syncretic and vibrant. Texan boot toes meet fabric braids, while wide shirting takes on the enigmatic illustrations of a mysterious island adorned with voluptuous swirls of striping. Throughout, there is an ethereal quality and a sense of uninhibited free spirit that elevates the collection.

Amidst the veritable multiplication of motifs and echoes, the silhouettes remain precise and structured, with straight and vertical lines or billowing volumes at the bottom. Blazers and varsity jackets wrap the wearer in protective layers, creating a sense of absolute and irrepressible precision.

A place that is not there, that doesn’t exist. A place made possible by the imagination  in which, for example, columns that recall the remains of a temple emerge not in the  middle of the forest but in the heart of the city, where vestiges of a curious civilization  have suddenly resurfaced. Nowhere is the elsewhere that becomes tangible and with it,  the overthrow of every rule, of every rational thought, of every logical consequentiality.  Nowhere is a metaphor for fashion; a land in which everything is allowed because the  combinations of elements are virtually endless.

And so, here are the brocades and jackets  with a Western flair, the tie motifs and stripes, and the denim and terry cloth that come  together in a stylistic non-place at once syncretic and vital. The toes of Texan boots meet  fabric braids and wide shirting reimagines illustrations of a mysterious island where they  are joined together with striping in voluptuous swirls. All of this is enhanced with a certain  etherealness and enlightened sense of free spirit. This is a veritable multiplication of motifs  and echoes contained in a silhouette, by contrast, of absolute and irrepressible precision:  straight and vertical, or opening up at the bottom, elongating and figure hugging with  blazers and varsity jackets that envelop in protective volumes. To seal this reverie, an  ancient Mycenaean symbol: an octopus, a sign of rebirth, a wish for good luck. And, at  the lobes, a blindfolded goddess in the form of an earring as if to say dare and you will  be rewarded, another way of describing the daily act of getting dressed and playing freely  using only instinct and imagination.