Amy Wilkinson-Lough,  the driving force behind the recently launched Project bYouty, picks three products that are best for the Middle East skincare routine.














A good beauty product is …
“Is never as expensive as you think – there are some real entry level beauty products that
absolutely wipe the floor with premium ones.”

Recently launched Project bYouty is a multifaceted e-commerce platform that is anchored as the largest conscious beauty destination the Middle East has seen. So, what is Project bYouty and what is its ethos? “Our ethos is very much cantered around the need to educate, inform, and encourage a far more conscious way of living. This is way bigger than ‘just’ beauty – it’s about mental health, it’s about genuinely trying to make change to the planet, it’s about encouraging people not to overindulge and instead support homegrown businesses, buy brands created by people that stand for something in the world and to remind them that comparison is the thief of joy – YOU are your super power and that’s what makes you bYOUtiful – hence the name Project bYouty,” says Amy.

The online platform showcases more than 80 brands that have been painstakingly curated by her team and her. According to Amy, she and the buying team spent six months talking to hundreds and hundreds of brands around the world, learning what they stand for, how are their ingredients curated, what are they doing to contribute to the world, how well they understand the Middle Eastern consumer and above all do their products work. “We have tested everything you see on the site, but more importantly we have registered every product on the site via municipality which means the consumer can shop safely and with peace of mind,” she says and adds, “We have 6 core values for every brand, cruelty free being an absolute non-negotiable and then they must be Vegan, Halal, Organic, Sustainable or Clean – however I’m really proud to say that most of the brands ‘tick’ at least 4 or more so we’ve done our homework.”

Amy Picks: Three Products for the Middle East skincare routine

Emma Hardie moringa cleansing balm –Tthere’s a reason she’s one of London’s most
recognised skin care gurus.

Ultrasun anti pigmentation SPF 50 – Absolute gamechanger and one of the most rigorously tested SPFs in the world.

Face Globes – Keep them in the freezer, and use them for sunburn, headaches, and morning puffiness – They are sticks of absolute magic.

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