Bespoke luxury jewellery brand OUSHK, which made its debut last year, has recently unveiled its second collection: Past Forward, a sparkling celebration and ode to time

Past Forward, OUSHK’s second collection is an ode to time and has been designed to remind us to cherish every moment of it. The second collection features just over 10 jewellery pieces composed of necklaces, rings, earpieces and a bracelet in 18K gold and VS clarity diamonds. It offers must have pieces for every occasion and is the perfect accent to both daytime and evening looks. Each piece from the collection can be combined and layered in different ways to create a completely personal look

This elegant collection follows OUSHK’s debut collection titled “XO” in August of last year. A homegrown brand, OUSHK is the brainchild of Areej Al Saleh, who created OUSHK as an extension of her passion for what she calls “one of the oldest forms of self- expression.”


Areej describes Past Forward as an extremely personal collection and a way to pay homage to tradition while transporting it to modern times. “Our future is not about re-writing our past. Our past lessons test our resilience to handle our present and shape the foundation of our future. Just like a tape recorder, the past year has forced us to pause and reflect, often rewinding to understand our past or fast forwarding to an unknown future impatient to know what it holds.”

She adds, “Life is ephemeral, and we need to cherish every moment in time, the past, present and what the future may hold.”

Indeed, and just like life, OUSHK’s second collection has that ephemeral appeal that will speak to your soul.