Tales from Jabal Akhdar: The Mountain That Touches The Stars is a fantastic initiative by Alila Jabal Akhdar to showcase tales from Oman

Luxury resort Alila Jabal Akhdar recently unveiled its first children’s book titled Tales from Jabal Akhdar: The Mountain That Touches The Stars.

The book, written by Azhaar Ahmed and illustrated by Omani artist and founder of Dahareez Art, Ibtihaj al Harthi, was launched in the presence of Jokha Alharthi, the first Omani author to win the Man Booker International Prize.

Speaking about the book, Julian Ayers, regional vice president, Middle East, Alila Hotels and Resorts and general manager, Alia Jabal Akhdar said, “Today with our first children’s book we embark upon a journey to enrich young minds and manifest a world for them that unveils the magic of Jebel Akhdar. As a hotel we wanted to find stories that parents could read to their children at bedtime – a pastime that seems to have been forgotten.

“However, as our story research began to grow, the book began to come to life. Thus, we undertook this project, in our endeavour to safeguard the spirit of the mountains for our future generations, and promote Oman’s tourism and culture among our guests and beyond.” He added that the book will also encourage other institutions in Oman to create art and literature that highlight Oman’s distinctive heritage across the world.

Ayers said the book will be available to all guests at the hotel before reaching the bookstores and libraries around the country.

The book tracks the expeditions of Mark, a small boy, with an Omani boy and a girl, who moves around the mountains, caves, rocks and trees.

Tales from Jabal Akhdar: The Mountain That Touches The Stars is an amalgamation of wonderous tales that have been passed on from generation to generation in the villages of Hail al Yaman, Al Manakhir and Wadi Bani Habib among others.