Warm and cordial, the Majlis is one of the most crucial areas in a home. Marina Home Interiors shows how to create the perfect modern majlis

An important element of every Arab home, the Majlis is where guests are entertained, dined and made to feel at home. While the Majlis is a traditional concept, it has become one of the most revered features of a home. Over the years, modern concepts and décor elements have been introduced into the Majlis yet the essence of the space remains sacrosanct.
Marina Home Interior has been making homes beautiful for many years and this time around the brand has put together inspirations for an unconventional choice of modern, minimalistic interpretations of the traditional majlis.
“A modern Majlis with character and traditional curios serves as a perfect space to celebrate or spend more quality time with family and loved ones,” explains Sahar Vakil, Head of Brand Development at Marina Home Interiors.
Marina Home Interiors features an array of furniture and décor options to suit every style, take inspiration from the design experts and revitalize your space to give it a more contemporary twist.
Through a special series of furniture and décor selections titled under “The Majlis Reimagined”: Bringing Arab tradition and contemporary Design together in unusual ways, Marina Home Interiors created spaces and design styles that can be easily adopted into homes. To make it simpler, the design experts at Marina Home Interiors provide tips on how to reimagine your spaces.

  • The Majlis is a traditional concept, typically keep the orientation of the seating conventional.
  • Use a contemporary sectional /sofa in a solid colour. Colour schemes in the traditional Majlis are very rich – achieve the opposite by incorporating lighter color schemes that are relative to today’s modern settings.
  • Mix and match different coffee tables to create interest in shapes and textures
  • Use décor items on coffee tables (candles for ambiance, trays for serving, votives)
  • Layer patterned (Vintage arabesque) rugs in different colours to add character to the space
  • Emphasize on lighting, placing an eclectic mix of pendants in different shapes and sizes in the center
  • Add ambiance lighting in the room using non-traditional lanterns
  • Incorporate low seating ottomans that are reminiscent of the old traditional seating on the floor
  • Create a feature wall in the space.