The Coloratura collection by Cartier celebrates the virtuoso voices and their echo around the world in a sensorial exploration of colour

In a resplendent ode to the rich and diverse palettes around the world, Cartier investigates creative diversity with the Coloratura collection; uniting the four corners of the globe and blending the variety of vast continents alongside their local traditions.

The correlations between past and present, the connections between cultures and generations all viewed through the human values of celebration, sharing and joy. The diversity of the world offers a rich palette. Colours combine; horizons meet. Together they compose a dynamic score: the vibrant colours of India, the uncompromising contrasts of Asia and the Orient, the subtle palettes of Japan, and the staccato shades of Africa are united by a shared vision of style and a jubilant spirit.

The evocative and stunning high jewellery collection from the Maison was launched at Haute Couture Week in Paris. Every piece in the collection is a work of art that will not fail to stop you in your tracks.